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1day pass

You can enter the facilities with the pass from the opening hour and last entry hour of the facilities on the day you use the pass.
For public transport, you can use the pass for the first to the last trains and buses of the day (not for 24 hours from the moment you started using the pass).
Keep away from magnet(Smartphone case, etc.)

1. Ride buses and trains using the Osaka Amazing Pass

Once you put the Osaka Amazing Pass through the automatic ticket gate of trains and buses, you can enjoy free one-day rides throughout the day!

*The pass is eligible for the first to the last train/bus of the day.
Note that it does not mean that the pass can be used for 24 hours from the moment you first used it.

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2. Visit facilities using the Osaka Amazing Pass

You can make one visit each to approximately 40 facilities by presenting the Osaka Amazing Pass at each customer desk. The pass is valid only on the day you used the pass to ride a train or bus.

You must use the pass to ride trains/buses and visit the facilities on the same day.

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3.Get special offers at famous spots.

By presenting the Osaka Amazing Pass, you can receive special offers at approximately 30 facilities and stores.

*All you need is to present the Osaka Amazing Pass!

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